The Edify International School Hinjewadi Pune celebrated World Animal Welfare day, The early years’ students of Nursery, Prep 1, Prep 2 and Grade 1, presented their very first in-house production “The Grass is greener on the other side” a play with animals as various characters.

It portrayed a wish to see and experience, the city life by the jungle residents but eventually coming back to the place they belonged.  The little toddlers were excited to showcase their talent as the play was a part of week-long animal welfare activities to celebrate World animal welfare day.

“The main motive of celebrating Animal welfare Day is to create awareness about animal protection among the children. It’s our duty to make our upcoming generation to understand the importance of Animals and Animal protection methods for the betterment of nation”, said Ms Priya Anand, Head of School

‘In order to protect the environment, we need to protect our wildlife animals which are already on the edge of Existence. A functional ecosystem with essential biodiversity cannot be possible if we failed to protect wildlife. There are lots of chemicals taken from animal bodies to derive medicines for many diseases. So, protecting animals is our duty’

The facilitators worked with the young learners to present this beautiful endeavour. The PYP Coordinator Ms Shefali Tewary opened the event by suggesting to students, various methods for animal protection like volunteering for animal shelters, feeding birds using herbal methods rather than chemical for conserving the environment.

Ms Priya Anand reiterated the importance of conservation of the environment by taking action towards species of birds and animals which are on the verge of extinction.

We at EISP believe that showcasing the talent at the tender age gives an immense boost to the personality development of children as well as fostering responsibility.

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